Wendy E. Schultz

Attorney Biography

For the last 30+ years, Ms. Schultz has consulted with and represented insurance companies in claims and litigation involving primary, umbrella and excess policies in the areas of environmental liability, toxic tort liability (asbestos, mold, silica, benzene, lead isocyanate, DBCP, diacetyl, PPA, EMFs, IUDs, breast implants, medical devices, blood factor concentrate), construction defect liability (residential and commercial), employer liability, bad faith litigation, premises liability, business liability, and general liability.  Proficiencies include analysis of insurance policies, claim facts, case law, procedural posture and circumstances to identify potential issues, evaluate liability and develop a strategy to achieve client goals, protect client interests and resolve the claim or action, including negotiation of settlements, claims handling agreements, etc.  With respect to litigation, Ms. Schultz has been involved in all stages of coverage disputes from claims through discovery, trial and appeal and routinely represents insurance clients at mediations and settlement conferences.

When not working, Ms. Schultz enjoys running, cycling, spinning, weight training, cooking/dining, gardening/landscaping, and reading detective fiction.